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"Recipes and Memories of the Almira Historical Society"

Our very own cookbook. More than 200 recipes, shared memories and pictures of our community and its history. A true keepsake. Makes a thoughtful gift. $15.00 each.

Image of AHS Recipe Book

AHS T-shirts - Various designs, colors and sizes. The shirts commemorate Homecoming celebrations, area historic barns as well as scenes from the past. $15.00 each.
Photo AHS t-shirt
Photo AHS t-shirt
Green with green print logo
Tan with brown
print M&E Railroad scene
Photo of AHS t-shirt
Photo of AHS t-shirt
Gray with local historic barn photo
Green with historic
logging action in black print
AHS Mug - White ceramic with blue AHS logo/lettering. $5.00 each.
Photo of AHS Mug
Photo of Serving Spoon/Spatula
Server Spoon Item No. R116 -
Overall 8 7/8”. Uses: Multi-purpose utensil—mix, stir, whip, scrape or serve. A handy tool. $4.50 each.
Vegetable Peeler Item No. R132 -
Blade 1 3/4”, overall 7 1/4”. A must for every kitchen. Incredibly sharp blade swivels with shape of what you peel and makes peeling fast and easy. $5.50 each.
Photo of Peeling Knife
Photo of Small Paring Knife

Paring Knive Regular-Item No. R101 -
Blade 3 1/4”, overall 6 3/4” Great allaround paring knife. $4.00 each.

Super Paring – Item No. R127 -
Blade 4 3/8”, overall 8 3/8” Larger, more comfortable handle and rugged blade allows for wider range of cutting tasks. $5.25 each.
Photo of Larger Paring Knife
Image of I Love LA License Plate
"I Image of a White Heart L.A." License Plate - Blue with white lettering. $5.00 each.
Caps - One size fits all. Colors: khaki w/blue visor, khaki w/green visor, and green w/green visor. All with the Almira Historical Society logo. $15.00 each.
Photo of AHS Caps
Image of Postcard of Historic Photo  Image of Postcard of Historic Photo  Image of Postcard of Historic Photo 
Note Cards or Postcards - Historic photographs or drawings depicting early life in Lake Ann. Note cards are bundled in 5 per packet for $2.00. Postcards are sold individually at $.25 each. Above is a sampling of what is available.



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